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Steve Winwood: Live in concert (2004) [Blu-Ray]

247 ₴

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Steve Winwood: Live in concert (2004) [Blu-Ray]
Steve Winwood: Live in concert (2004) [Blu-Ray]В наявності
247 ₴
+380 (67) 776-46-77
  • +380 (67) 846-77-64
+380 (67) 776-46-77
  • +380 (67) 846-77-64
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Steve Winwood: Live in concert (2004):Smooth delivery, high-spirited melodies, that velvet voice and a soul-stirring rhythmic foundation. All are the elements that Steve Winwood brings to this live concert featuring songs from the album About Time along with his classic hits including “Why Can’t We Live Together” and “Back in the High Life.” Winwood also performs hits from his day with Traffic as well as current recordings that represent a tapestry of tastes woven after 40 years in music.Треклист:01. Can’t Find My Way Back Home02. Empty Pages03. Bully04. Glad05. Freedom Rider06. Back in the High Life Again07. Dear Mr. Fantasy08. Why Can't We Live TogetherБонус:9. Rainmaker10. Different Light11. Walking On
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КатегоріїМузика\Концерти Blu-ray Рок-музика
НазваSteve Winwood
АудіоАудіо №1
НаявністьВ наявності
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  • Ціна: 247 ₴

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