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Scorpions [4 CD/mp3]

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  • В наявності
Scorpions [4 CD/mp3]
Scorpions [4 CD/mp3]В наявності
688 ₴
+380 (67) 776-46-77
  • +380 (67) 846-77-64
+380 (67) 776-46-77
  • +380 (67) 846-77-64
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CD 1

1972 – Lonesome Crow/01. I’m Goin’ Mad/02. It All Depends/03. Leave Me/04. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind/05. Inheritance/06. Action/07. Lonesome Crow

1974 – Fly To The Rainbow/01. Speedy’s Coming/02. They Need A Million/03. Drifting Sun/04. Fly People Fly/05. This Is My Song/06. Far Away/07. Fly To the Rainbow

1975 – In Trance/01. Dark Lady/02. In Trance/03. Life’s Like a River/04. Top of the Bill/05. Living and Dying/06. Robot Man/07. Evening Wind/08. Sun in My Hand/09. Longing for Fire/10. Night Lights

1976 – Virgin Killer/01. Pictured Lirfe/02. Catch Your Train/03. In Your Park/04. Backstage Queen/05. Virgin Killer/06. Hell Cat/07. Crying Days/08. Polar Night/09. Yellow Raven

1977 – Taken By Force/01. Steamrock Fever/02. We’ll Burn The Sky/03. I’ve Got To Be Free/04. The Riot Of Your Time/05. The Sails Of Charon/06. Your Light/07. He’s A Woman – She’s A Man/08. Born To Touch Your Feelings

1979 – Lovedrive/01. Loving You Sunday Morning/02. Another Piece Of Meat/03. Always Somewhere/04. Coast To Coast/05. Can’t Get Enough/06. Is There Anybody There/07. Lovedrive/08. Holiday

CD 2

1980 – Animal Magnetism/01. Make It Real/02. Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep)/03. Hold Me Tight/04. Twentieth Century Man/05. Lady Starlight/06. Falling In Love/07. Only A Man/08. The Zoo/09. Animal Magnetism

1982 – Blackout/01. Blackout/02. Can’t Live Without You/03. No One Like You/04. You Give Me All I Need/05. Now/06. Dynamite/07. Arizona/08. China White/09. When The Smoke Is Going Down

1984 – Love At First Sting/01. Bad Boys Running Wild/02. Rock You Like A Hurricane/03. I’m Leaving You/04. Coming Home/05. The Same Thrill/06. Big City Nights/07. As Soon As The Good Times Roll/08. Crossfire/09. Still Loving You

1988 – Savage Amusement/01. Don’t Stop In The Top/02. Rhythm Of Love/03. Passion Rules The Game/04. Media Overkill/05. Walking On The Edge/06. We Let It Rock…You Let It Roll/07. Every Minute Every Day/08. Love On The Run/09. Believe In Love

1990 – Crazy World/01. Tease Me Please Me/02. Don’t Believe Her/03. To Be With You In Heaven/04. Wind Of Change/05. Restless Nights/06. Lust Or Love/07. Kicks After Six/08. Hit Between The Eyes/09. Money And Fame/10. Crazy World/11. Send Me An Angel

1993 – Face The Heat/01. Alien Nation/02. No Pain No Gain/03. Someone To Touch/04. Under The Same Sun/05. Unholy Alliance/06. Woman/07. Hate To Be Nice/08. Taxman Woman/09. Ship Of Fools/10. Nightmare Avenue/11. Lonely Nights/12. Kami O Shin Jiru/13. Daddy's Girl

CD 3

1996 – Pure Instinct/01. Wild Child/02. But The Best For You/03. Does Anyone Know/04. Stone In My Shoe/05. Soul Behind The Face/06. Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You)/07. When You Came Into My Life/08. Where The River Flows/09. Time Will Call Your Name/10. You And I/11. Are You The One/12. She’s Knocking At My Door (Bonus Track)

1999 – Eye II Eye/01. Mysterious/02. To Be No. 1/03. Obsession/04. 10 Light Years Away/05. Mind Like A Tree/06. Eye To Eye/07. What You Give You Get Back/08. Skywriter/09. Yellow Butterfly/10. Freshly Squeezed/11. Priscilla/12. Du Bist So Schmutzig/13. Aleyah/14. A Moment In A Million Years/15. You And I (”Butcher” Radio Remix) (Bonus Track)

2000 – Moment Of Glory/01. Hurricane 2000/02. Moment Of Glory/03. Send Me An Angel/04. Wind Of Change/05. Crossfire/06. Deadly Sting Suite/07. Here In My Heart/08. Still Loving You/09. Big City Nights/10. Lady Starlight/11. Hurricane 2000 (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

2004 – Unbreakable/01. New Generation/02. Love ’em Or Leave ’em/03. Deep And Dark/04. Borderline/05. Blood Too Hot/06. Maybe I Maybe You/07. Someday Is Now/08. My City My Town/09. Through My Eyes/10. Can You Feel It/11. This Time/12. She Said/13. Remember The Good Times (Retro Garage Mix)/14. Dreamer (Bonus Track)/15. Too Far (Bonus Track)

CD 4

2007 – Humanity Hour I/01. Hour I/02. The Game Of Life/03. We Were Born To Fly/04. The Future Never Dies/05. You’re Lovin’ Me To Death/06. 321/07. Love Will Keep Us Alive/08. We Will Rise Again/09. Your Last Song/10. Love Is War/11. The Cross/12. Humanity/13. Cold (Bonus Track)/14. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

2010 – Sting In The Tail/01. Raised On Rock/02. Sting In The Tail/03. Slave Me/04. The Good Die Young/05. No Limit/06. Rock Zone/07. Lorelei/08. Turn You On/09. Let’s Rock!/10. SLY/11. Spirit Of Rock/12. The Best Is Yet To Come

2011 – Comeblack/01. Rhythm Of Love/02. No One Like You/03. The Zoo/04. Rock You Like A Hurricane/05. Blackout/06. Wind Of Change/07. Still Loving You/08. Tainted Love/09. Children Of The Revolution/10. Across The Universe/11. Tin Soldier/12. All Day And All Of The Night/13. Ruby Tuesday/14. Big City Nights/15. Still Loving You – Je T’aime Encore/16. Shapes Of Things

2015 – Return To Forever/01. Going Out With A Bang/02. We Built This House/03. Rock My Car/04. House Of Cards/05. All For One/06. Rock’N’Roll Band/07. Catch Your Luck nd Play/08. Rollin’ Home/09. Hard Rockin’ The Place/10. Eye Of The Storm/11. The Scratch/12. Gypsy Life

2022 – Rock Believer/01. Gas In The Tank /02. Roots In My Boots/03. Knock ’em Dead/04. Rock Believer/05. Shining Of Your Soul/06. Seventh Sun/07. Hot And Cold/08. When I Lay My Bones To Rest/09. Peacemaker/10. Call Of The Wild/11. When You Know (Where You Come From)

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